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sunday. ditorial report is next. i'm uma pemmaraju. >> paul: this week on the journal editorial report. a new pope from the new world. what the election means from the catholic church's influence in the united states and around the world. plus obama charm offensive continues with his paul numbers. really looking for con ground and how should republicans respond. hollywood activists empty brace them and president obama wants to put a million them on american roads but are electric cars all that green? hat green? welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. well, some surprising firsts for the 2000-year-old catholic church as college of cardinals elected jorge bergoglio, pope francis, first ever from latin america, and first jesuit and in more than a millennium. the pontiff was placed on the fifth ballot to replace pope benedict xvi, the first in 600 years to resign. what does it mean for the catholic church and influence around the world and 70 million faithful here in the united states. let's ask the wall street journal columnist and dan henninger, board member mary anastas
report, i'm paul gigot. well, some surprising firsts for the 2000-year-old catholic church as college of cardinals elected jorge bergoglio, pope francis, first ever from latin america, and first jesuit and in more than a millennium. the pontiff was placed on the fifth ballot to replace pope benedict xvi, the first in 600 years to resign. what does it mean for the catholic church and influence around the world and 70 million faithful here in the united states. let's ask the wall street journal columnist and dan henninger, board member mary anastasia o'grady and peggy noonan. we've learned more about this new pope and what do you make of the choice? >> i continue to marvel at what a surprise it was because of his age. because he wasn't on anybody's list. and that said, i think the key fact of him is that he took the name francis. it's the first francis ever, took it from st. francis of assisi, one of whose great stories involved being told by christ, clean up my church which is in ruins. this suggests to me that this very humble seeming man, even a shy seeming man, a guy with little sho
to 1987 and the journey of pope john paul ii to northern california. and we look at the other papal visits to the united states. >> i give you my best wishes. >> and we look at the lives of john paul ii and the career to date of pope benedict xvi. >>> good evening and welcome to a second look. pope john paul ii came to san francisco at the time that the city was at the grips of the aids epidemic. what the pope did helped to comfort those with aids. he reached out and touched them offering a blessing an hope of healing. we have a report from that day. beginning with rita williams who was at mission dolores with the pope's visit to the california's oldest mission. >> reporter: john paul ii warmly greeted those along the center aisle of the pope. some of the 900 invited guests. the pope then approached the nine pews of aids patients. and certainly the most moving moment came when 4-year-old brendan ororke reached out to hug the holy father. little brendan contracted aids from a blood transfusion at birth. the pope then moved to other aids sufferers, most of them gay. it was the first time the
a philosophy of libertarianism with rand paul. i like what rand paul has to say. i think he's a nice guy and a good senator. it is concerning that we are becoming like libertarian groups, very antiwar, militant peacenik types. i don't feel like the conservative movement should be going in that direction. i certainly feel a little bit more negative about that, but overall, i think it is important that we had energy and enthusiasm despite a terrible year last time. more positives than negatives. democrats line, kyle in phoenix, arizona. caller: it was amazing to me. it's so clear to me that the republican party hasn't learned anything from the last election, and they are just the whole narrative further to the right. we're going to push away moderates. it's not a winning strategy for them. it's amazing that they keep getting lunatics up there like whatever her name was emma the was,y inflammatory one -- the really inflammatory one, and coulter. -- anne coulter. host: what did you think about the straw poll? it was obvious that was mostly because of the demographics of the crowd. if paul's
the party of social issues that divide us. he says, he looked to marco rubio and rand paul and ted cruz, natural leaders and can highlight the g.o.p. >> randy writes the leader of the republican needs to lead libertarian like rand paul and republicans will continue to lose until there's change. thanks to all of you who weighed in with thoughts on this. that's going to do it for me in d.c. the journal editorial report is next. i'm uma pemmaraju. make it a great day everybody. >> this week on the journal editorial report, a new pope for the new world. what the election of francis means for the catholic church's influence in the united states and around the world. plus, the obama charm offensive continues with his poll numbers slipping, the president heads to capitol hill. is he really looking for common ground and how should republicans respond? and hollywood activists embrace them and president obama wants to put a million of them on america's roads, but are electric cars all that green? welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. well, some surprising firsts for the 2000-ye
plans out there this week with a one tosomething and each offend someone. how about paul ryan? >> thankfully the american people have made it clear that they reject paul ryan's approach, and house republican'' brazen attempt to balance the budget on the backs of seniors. >> the election did not go our way -- believe me, i know what that feels like it does that mean we surrender our principles? forhe plan would cut taxes everybody and eventually replace medicare with a voucher plan, cut medicaid by over $700 billion in 10 years. do the democrats have a better idea, mark? >> the democrats have a better idea by basically not letting anything compete in the spotlight with paul ryan's. numbersho looks at believe that you can cut the deficit in 10 years while simultaneously increasing defense spending and cutting 35 to 28, as from mitt romney proposed, but 39 to 25%. it is just a pipe dream. >> are we ever going to settle this thing, lois? >> and then we might. i think the charm offensive is working a little bit. mitch mcconnell is speaking well of the president in saying that we ha
that number. >> paul b. newman made a good point when we were talking. for all the advances in medicine, there's no widely available substitute for human blood. donations are literally a matter of life and death. what he's doing about it and why are at the heart of tonight's bay area proud. did you have an appointment today? >> new york i didn't. >> we're going to like your blood anyway. >> reporter: if you look it up in a biology textbook, you'll learn the average human heart pumps ten pints of blood through the body every minute of every day. >> go to the top of the stairs on the bus. >> reporter: which we found out would make paul b. newman by any measure above average. >> by giving one pint of blood you can literally save three lives. >> reporter: his heart is responsible, you see, for a lot more blood than that. >> you can only give blood about six times a year so i just try to encourage a lot of people to come do this. >> reporter: paul's story begins ten years ago along this stretch of highway 85 in the south bay. paul, and his 11-year-old son mitch, were in his truck when they were sid
is the name he's chosen to go by. the significance of that? >> very significant. pope john paul ii -- i, took the name of his two predecessors, he wanted to continue their policies. john paul ii with characteristic modesty took the same name to say i'm no different than what john paul i would have done. that turned out not to be the case. he put on a rock star show. pope benedict when he took his name was doing it in honor of pope benedict xv whose mission was to reunion -- reuni-fi. >> it tells us a lot. the name they've chosen for themselves they're trying to telegraph what type of leader they'll be to. >> to catholics worldwide and the other cardinals. >> megyn: we're told after the protodeacon announces the pope the new pope we're told will likely give greetings in several languages then speak in his native language or perhaps in italian. john and i talked about how john paul ii struggled with his italian but it only made the crowd love him more and he said if i make a mistake, you will correct me. everyone loved
because we know the house replubicans are going to automatically endorse the paul ryan budget which was revealed yesterday. this year's paul ryan budget exact copy of the last two paul ryan budgets. it guts medicaid turns medicare into a voucher program. it gives the wealthiest of americans yet another tax break and it repeals obamacare. it will get passed by the house. it will go nowhere in the senate. it is dead on arrival. but the republicans keep putting this out there. we will tell you about that and, of course, take your calls and get you a chance to get involved in the conversation. give us a call on our toll-free line at 866-557-7377. did we tell you? it looks like there was life on mars. whoa! coming up on current tv. [ music ] (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in sm
in 1978, pope john paul i said, quote, this is not the time to return to a ceremony and an object considered, wrongly, to be a symbol of the temporal power of the pope. father i take it perhaps he felt it was a little pretentious at least for him. >> sure. and for this pope as well. everybody, in unison, in union anunion has remarked. we see him i believe the mitre he's wearing, he has brought from argentina. i think he insisted on wearing that rather than the more ornate m mitres that he could have chosen. >> this is, brian yennis let me go back to you in rome. this is the first jesuit and latin american to become pope. so it is certainly a momentous occasion for the world but certainly for the americas. brian, talk to us about that. >> reporter: it's unbelievable that the oldest church, at 2,000 years old, for the americans and latin americans here in brazil and not only in brazil but also in the united states, it's a moment in which the church has finally identified you know what? you're there. and for latin americans, it's not only a moment of vindication,
basis not eliminating medicare as emhe afraid the paul ryan budget would do but making sure it survives for generations to come. putting revenues on the table that are fair and won't penalize the working people across america and making sure it is a balanced approach. i think what bob corker just said from his side is a basic principles that both parties can rally around. >> chris: and real specifically because i want to pin you down on this, are you saying you would accept structuralle chains, not doing away with medicare but structural changes and cuts to entitlements? >> let me tell you in 10-12 years medicare goes broke. that unanswered questions unanswered questions acceptable. the paul ryan voucher aapproach is destructive of medicare. there are ways to approach it to reduce the cost of medical ep our promise to seniors across america. >> chris: part of the problem in the debate is that the parties seem to be disagreeing about the importance of dealing with our national debt. i want to play what president obama said this week and also what he said back as a candidate in 2008. take
their feedback about the budget battles, the new pope that was announced, we're going to talk about rand paul. >> what did he do? >> we'll get to that. we'll get to mayor bloomberg and a number of other things. there is no better man than president obama to launch our panel. >> is he here? >> he's on the big screen. this is president obama earlier in the week talking about the budget and the fact we need to raise more revenue. then we're going to hear from a senator who has a different take. let's roll clip number one. >> i voted for the first three nominees by the president. his is not about partisanship. i allowed the president to pick his political nominees, but i will not sit quietly and let them shred the constitution. i cannot let the president say he will kill americans on american soil who are not activity attacking the country. >> if mr. paul wants to be taken riously, he needs to do do more political stun -- stunts. he needs to know what he is talking about. >> ok, that was not president obama or -- but let's start off with rand paul. we talked earlier about this week about this pa
john paul began the morning in monterey county where he led a mass for tens of thousands of workers. >> reporter: thousands were given the day off. agustin romo and his family would be getting ready to pick strawberries were it not for the court. >> we have a great seat. >> you have the best seats in the house probably. >> i think so. >> reporter: this group is from the polish mission church in san jose. >> i'm catholic and he's the pope. and i came here to see him. it doesn't matter for me he's polish or a different nationality. for me it's the pope. >> reporter: not too far away we find maria cortinas not the best seat but good enough. >> are you cold maria? >> poquito. >> how do you like the view you have here? >> it's beautiful. she likes it. >> reporter: a few hours later, cortina's view no longer exists. heavy fog rolls in and while the papal preliminary continues the pope is heard but not seen. but many say the pope will be felt. the weather still caused enough concern to cancel the pope's helicopter ride into laguna seca. the pope's
in the house are saying the debt is no immediate crisis. well, you go nuts, because john baner and paul ryan just proved it. they're not only ryan rhinos on the cries but they're in bed with the president ignores this constitutional crisis. mark is on the phone with us right now. what do you make of this? >> it is extremely frustrating if you're an average citizen watching this. last year when you count fiscal operating debt and unfund liabilities, it wasn't 1.2 trillion. it was 6.9 trillion being spent we don't have. and even hear something pundits circling the wagons saying this isn't a fiscal debt crisis yet. what dot we have to do become cypress or greece for people to recognize this? we have tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded entitlement obligations. even the ryan budget does nothing with respect to social security. on obamacare, in the ryan budget takes the taxes and repealing obamacare. what is happening is the complete integrity of our financial system is being called into question. we have the fed printing day and night to provide the monetary support for these fiscal polici
juxtaposed immediately with someone like rand paul. these are both people who people expect will at least entertain a run in 2016. with rubio, you didn't hear anything on immigration which is something he's been pushing through congress, but it's not necessarily something that will play well here in front of a conservative audience. but that tells you why marco rubio is someone so key on immigration because he can actually -- he's well trusted with this group, though. he didn't bring it up today. rand paul on the other hand, sticking to his libertarian philosophy and really got very tepid applause on most things that he talked about on drones. much better received on spending, however. >> domenico, thank you for swrining swrin i joining us. mns m msnbc political analyst, david corn. and joy reid, managing editor of the david, between allen west saying there's nothing so fearful to progressives on this green earth than a black american who wants a better life, and rand paul describing certain members of the republican party as covered in moss, i'm beginning to wonder if this year
budget, is not actually the holiest thing you can pursue in government. >> paul ryan today put forward his budget. >> right. >> and says he is challenging you to come forward with a budget that reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue, if we controlled spending and have a smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance, but it is not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who have disabled kids, that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> the glow is off paul ryan budgets, even for republicans, including former ryan worshipper rush limbaugh. >> now, there are people that don't like it, even on the republican side because it has tax increases in it, some say tax increases on the rich. leaves some of obama's tax increases in it. heritage foundation has done deep analysis of this. one of their prob
tradition has two very capable applicants. the bad news is, they will need to work together. rand paul and marco rubio are often pitted against one another competes for influence and authority, at times they seem to encourage this and may, in fact, end up competing in 2016. but their differences now and until then should be exploited in productive ways for the party that addressed those two deficiencies. paul's ayn randian highly intellectualized conservatism is informed by libertarian and federalist principles, not a visceral populist impulse or evangelical one. >> it is wrote that there can be no liberty if you combine the executive and the legislative branches. likewise, there can be no justice if you combine the executive and the judicial branch. >> and rubio's conservatism is emotional. channeling reagan, the son of the cuban bartender, he speaks the language of hardworking middle class immigrant america. >> we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. the idea is called america. and it still works. >> the question isn't whose vision of the future should conservatives adopt, but ho
is on board, but rebels had some reservations. is the paul ryan plan an actual budget, a political manifesto or long-term liability. we will discuss when former chief white house economist douglas holtz-eek on joins us just ahead. (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken, because a healthy dog is a playful dog. beneful healthy weight. find us on facebook to help put more play in your day. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never want to go back. its dynamic power bristles reach between teeth to remove up
john paul ii -- i, took the name of his two predecessors, he wanted to continue their policies. john paul ii with characteristic modesty took the same name to say i'm no different than what john paul i would have done. that turned out not to be the case. he put on a rock star show. pope benedict when he took his name was doing it in honor of pope benedict xv whose mission was to reunion -- reuni-fi. >> it tells us a lot. the name they've chosen for themselves, they're trying to telegraph what type of leader they'll be to. >> to catholics worldwide and the other cardinals. >> megyn: we're told after the protodeacon announces the pope, the new pope we're told will likely give greetings in several languages then speak in his native language or perhaps in italian. john and i talked about how john paul ii struggled with his italian but it only made the crowd love him more and he said, if i make a mistake, you will correct me. everyone loved him. we'll see what the pope's native language is and whether he chooses to go to it. one of the front runser is from milan. after that, the new pope
and conversation between susie and jean paul gaultier. i feel very fortunate at the fine arts museum because in fact susie mencus' son lives in the bay area and she comes frequently to visit the family. it is always my favorite time of in the exhibition, when she comes and i get to walk through the exhibition with her. it is so learnful. i wanted to share that opportunity with the rest of the bay area. one of my favorites, during the laurent exhibition, one of my favorite moments is one suzy stopped in her tracks. she said, this is it, this is what is true of any great artist or any great designer. when they do something, it can be shocking and avant-garde, but years later, we stand and look at it and believe it has always existed. i think that this is true of jean paul gaultier's work. i know that have been friends for a very long time. it is my honor to introduce both suzy menkes, fashion editor of the international herald tribune, and mr. jean paul gaultier. [applause] >> the love seat. [laughter] i just want to know, can you hear me? please shout loudly if you cannot. [laughter] yes or n
in washington kentucky senator rand paul has spent 2013 raising his national profile. first it was the 13-hour filibuster. then a big cpac speech that helped deliver a straw poll victory. and today senator paul is wading into the immigration debate in a big way. putting his support behind a path to legal status for millions of illegal immigrants. joining me now for the daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor. and managing editor of and charlie cook, msnbc political analyst and founder of the cook political report. and charlie, i'll go to you first, we'll get chris to chime in on this. i was taken aback that rand paul went out on this limb to a degree, because he was really setting himself up as the right-wing presidential candidate. this separate 0ing up a flag on the immigration front. that someone like a tom tancredo did in 2008, could exploit rand paul if they wanted to. >> it could, but i'm looking at it on the first level, is that this is a remarkable speech. here we have the person who has become pretty much the most important tea party figure in the entire country.
in washington, the latest skirmish in the republican civil war was fought by rand paul against rand paul. >> the republicans are just totally bam booze he willed now. >> the gop ordered an autopsy. >> 98 page autopsy. >> of its performance in the last election. >> they don't understand they're being suckered. >> it is all about outreach, not policy. >> to be clear, our principles are sound. >> outside of pushing for comprehensive immigration reform. >> if you wish to live and work in america. >> kentucky senator rand paul. >> we will find a place for you. >> raising his national profile. endorsed a path to citizenship. >> we will find a place for you. >> i am now a single issue voter against amnesty. >> it is all completely incoherent. >> we know we have problems and we aren't going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants. >> the opposition to the iraq war led to a crushing defeat for republicans. >> ten years to the day aftershock and awe. >> does political fallout remain? >> support for the war seems to fall down party lines. >> it is a tough issue for the gop. >> more than 32,000 woun
. mary, first to you. >> paul, this was multiple sclerosis awareness week and i want to give a hit to the basketball point guard chris wright who signed with the dallas mavericks making him the first person with the disease to play in the nba when he was diagnosed, playing pro ball in turkey, in 2011, most people thought his career was over. but he persevered and now has got the chance in the nba. i think his achievement this week is is a testament to his own strength, but also modern medicine. >> paul: thanks, mary. peggy. i had the miss, it's a very small thing, but it's a trend. we should nip it in the bud. rand ball wore jeans at cpac the other day and a shirt jacket tie and jeans looked a little like a farmer according to me. and earlier marco rubio took to comparing the comparative work of tupack and biggie small. and nothing is uncooler than trying to be cool. forget demographics, go to brooklyn where the immigrants of america are. >> thanks, peggy, dan? >> a quick hit to the politicians in afghanistan who hit back at president karzai's accusation that the american troops w
actually build on some of the thing that is paul has worked on. we've worked closely with his committee. many of the budget committee members are rc members so we want to promote the rc budget and we're ultimately going to vote for the house budget. >> can you describe the key differences between the rfc budget and the ryan budget? and specifically how soon would it balance? >> is the ryan budget which will become probably the house budget balances in ten years. that was the big objective that conservatives have pushed for to get a budget that balances in a 10 year window. i don't think it's asking too much that we balance our federal budget before kids graduate from high school. that was an important point. in the budget the way cbo scores it will balance in four years. so there's things that we do and one is dealing with medicare. we are working both the house budget and the rc budget to save medicare from bankruptcy. it goes bust right now in 11 years. so we support the premium support concept but we're implementing premium support for people aged 59 or younger and paul's it's 55 or
paul is going to win the pole, not because he is suffering republicans a new face, but because he is getting in their face. ♪ neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and we already know that he can talk. now it looks like he can run. the man who proved he could filibustered the better part of 13 hours to drone on about drones is now zeroing in on the republican party that has been in a month-long days. cozying up to the establishment and ripping apart telling cpac that the gop was marginalizing itself out of existence. it is in danger of losing face unless it reaches out to the facebook generation. it has grown stale and lost. it damn well bter break out of this cover son and fast. republicans cannot depend on mp -- appealing to the investment class. time for them to reach out to the middle class telling and service not to play so conservatively. be bol brass to be everywhere, including just outside chicago and becoming a party that shops at the top of our lungs. we are the party of jobs and opportunities. is notnly taken the fight to the republican party. what is weird here
does it tell you when they're willing to nominate him. >> rand paul and rubio put out different versions for the gop's way forward. the other side says it has to stick to the basics. very different messages. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. >> we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. it's called america, and it still works. >> what in the world is he talking about? >> let's let him have his point. here's the guy who is the new voice from the republican party. ted cruise trashing all of the people that have been there before him. >> right. but he's out there saying, you know. we need new ideas. what is the new idea? it's liberty. marco rubio says the big idea is americ america. >> don't lib liberals love america, too? and marco rubio says we need to change the candidates. >> i've always thought this. in an election where you get your butt kicked. i didn't know who was going to win. it was that close. you say he blew it usually. he should have caught it. it's not the quarterback's fault in that case. if they blew it, is there tendency to go hard right with ra
. the document itself has all of the content of a paul ryan budget. >> to reveal health care reform? >> exactly, but keep the money. we'll be back right after this, and we'll talk about the rape trial verdict that came down over -- stew benville and the amazing concepts that went with that. we'll talk about it after the break, and it points to the very problem of reporting and prosecuting rape in this country and the public response to it when it's a certain type of defendant, and it's right in line with where women are finding themselves in the electorate. you are listening to the "stephanie miller show," and watching it on current tv. i'm hal sparks filling in with jacki schechner all week long. we'll be back right after this. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv. ♪ >> hal: welcome back to the "stephani
a budget. >> paul ryan's budget. >> at untethered to reality as the last two versions. >> this is a plan that balanced the budget in ten years. >> doesn't give an inch, it is uncompromising. >> fantasy, trickery, the same tired tune. >> the same budget he put out over and over again and the year before and the year before that. >> ryan and house republicans are marching forward. >> we are not going to refight the past. >> like the 2012 election didn't happen. >> the election didn't go our way, that means we surrender principles? >> the plan assumes repeal of the president's health care law. >> something we're not giving up on. >> same old stuff. >> we're not giving up on destroying the health care system for the american people. >> what? >> we are not giving up o n destroying the health care system for the american people. >> we don't like this law. >> somehow magically maintains savings of obama care. >> please explain that to me. >> it is impossible. >> that doesn't make sense. >> recall if you will campaign 2012. >> $760 billion. >> $716 billion. funneled out of medicare by president
, not eliminating medicare, as i'm afraid the paul ryan budget would do but making sure it will survive for generations to come and putting revenues on the table that are fair and will not penalize the working people across america and making sure it is a balanced approach. i think what bob corker said from his side is a basic set of principles, that both parties can rally around. >> chris: and, real specifically because i want to pin you done on this: are you saying you would accept structural changes -- as you say, not doing away with medicare but structural changes and cuts to entitlements. >> let me tell you what we are facing in ten, 12 years, medicare goes broke. that is unacceptable. we want to make sure that medicare is there for generations to come. and, that means making some reforms and some constructive changes. the paul ryan voucher approach is destructive of medicare. it will not survive. millions of americans will lose their benefits. but, there are ways to approach it. to reduce the cost of medical care, and still keep our promise to seniors across america. >> chris: par
trick of paul ryan to recognize if you only talk about budget deficit, where does your budget put the deficit 20, 30 years from now, the amount of things you sneak in under that cloak that you can never put into the conversation in a serious way in normal times is tremendous. that's the central political innovation of his career. >> the favorite thing in the accounting discussion is compare the government to a family, saying you couldn't -- well, families do run debt, they cannot afford to buy their houses for cash, so they have a thing called a mortgage, which is the national debt of the family in effect. they try to oversimplify everything in this, but is there some break through in this point of republicans saying you know what, the debt isn't such a serious problem? >> there's no break through. i think it is a big deal that john boehner and others can't uphold this that the debt crisis is coming now or soon. if you go through what he said further, he said it is looming and coming. this is always the thing, with this spring of deficit hawk, there's always in some future the gre
? >> it is an enormous part and i think we're all living in thed that doe of john paul ii who mastered the means of public leadership, as you say. rather in the way franklin roosevelt ha mastered radio or john kennedy mastered television. john paul ii created an icon, a platonic ideal, really, of that. and i think one of the things that was striking about the moment, the announcement was he did seem slightly awkward, but it was an awkwardness that seemed to communicate an essence that needed communication. >> bruni: it has to have a fetching humility to it consistent with his personal biography. >> it did. >> and an authenticity which, in this climate, is -- you sort of counterprogram. so there's an argument that if he's not particularly smooth that might actually be even more effective. >> it could be, sure. you mentioned pope john paul, which i'm glad you did. one of the distinguishing facets of his years was in the end we saw him whither and die on a public stage. we've now had a pope who's the first one to retire in many, many centuries because of physical frailty, he says. our new pope is 7
a chauvinist. >> after rubio came rand paul. tea party favorite whose 13-hour filibuster captured national attention. we offered stark contrast to new ideas aren't needed on the right, offering libertarian argument for g.o.p. change. >> the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss covered. the new g.o.p. will need to embrace liberty in the economic and the personal sphere. >> others eyeing the white house or being urged to address cpac are jeb bush, louisiana governor bobby jindal and wisconsin governor scott walker who share cpac concern that the republicans not abandon core principles and misguided overreaction to last year election defeat. some including mitt romney, sarah palin, michele bachmann, newt gingrich and even donald trump plan to share lessons learned from past campaign defeat for those mulling over future contest. rick santorum has not ruled out running again. neither has fellow 2012 con zesttant rick perry who says he supports legitimate government. just not unlimited government. two popular governors were snubbed by cpac. new jersey governor chris christie for praising the p
budget, cannot act responsibly, cannot work together. host: paul on the air twitter p the " t " huffington post," -- sing on the elderly in theirr of americans 50s at risk of hunter grew by 40%. according to "the huffington post," rising gas prices as low as rising electricity is only exacerbating the trend among some of america's elderly. mike is on the phone in chicago. our question is what is the government's role when it comes to hunker in america? caller: i am a long time listener and a first-time caller. this kind of stuck in there with me. the problem with government is waste.ot watching the you have a lot -- you have an onslaught of people using link texting on iphones. they are taking advantage of the system. if our government to find out who really need it and give it to them -- people who can work should work. host: thank you for the call. to not be a stranger. if you have access to the internet, "the washington post" has this story on their website. the focus is on one rhode island town. the can see this couple carrying a bag of groceries. this is available on the
once. >> i don't remember in cpac. can i ask but rand paul? that was something a lot of people loved hishi sound bite. he said the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. i don't think we need to name many names, do we. although i think we did.t our party is covered -- i could argue with him on the specifics. let's say from a message rhetorically, good in. >> he's not talking about the message. he's talking about the messengers. more specifically, he's talking about himself. he's really good at talking about himself. 'cause you don't know that he's talking about himself. it's like meki walking around going, god, tall people, they're so annoying. they go around vertical all the time. he's actually a saying, i'm tird of all these old people. it's time for people like me. that's whator he's saying. it'sha a good message. >> but his message is frankly counter to a lot of the conservatives in that room. he is much more of an isolationist. >> yes. much more of a social moderate. because he is a libertarian. so it does run against the grain of a lot of people in the room. >> that's a t
congressman paul ryan defended his budget as a document of vision. >> our budget encapsulates what we think is the right way to go. fundamental tax reform for economic growth. patient center care rhee placing obama care. a responsible balanced budget. >> meanwhile, abc this week, house speaker john boehner says although they disagree, he trusts president obama. >> the president and i, as i've made very clear, have a very good relationship. we're open with each other. we're honest with each other. but we're trying to bridge some big differences. >> so do up trust president obama? >> absolutely. >> absolutely? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. firearms, flip-flops and flights to the middle east will all be part of what next week in washington will look like. lots to talk about. i want to get right to it. msnbc contributor goldie tailor of the goldie taylor project and david of the "the washington p." good to see all of you. good story with the republicans rank, when ohio senator rob portman, want co-sponsor of doma, defense of marriage act, snu ports same-sex marriage citing his gay son. house sp
if baghdad." a personal story. his latest story is "panic." paul rieckhoff, executive director and founder of the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. from 2003 to 2004 he served as army first lieutenant in iraq. let me start with michael about the cost figures. i have to call it the b.s. that was sold. this war was going to be paid for by cheap gas. cheap gasoline. somehow were they going to open up the pipeline from iraq over to america, would get all that stuff? we get first dibs? we got nothing of the kind. let's start with the lives. 190,000 dead people. >> if you remember famously general eric chinseki said we would need more troops to do this and he was dismissed. paul wolfowitz did make the crime iraqi oil revenues would be able to pay for this conflict. and not only would the selling the war point and the costs of the war, you know, in your last segment you made this great point about the media. it's even -- you can go even further than that. the media was complicit. the media took an active role in selling this war. they met with wolfowitz. there's one famous meeting where y
there was a feeling of jubilation, a sense of rebirth. pope paul v, in the year of our lord 1612, has brought water 35 miles from the healthiest springs in bracciano through new and restored aqueducts. what better way to sigl the revival of the ancient grandeur of rome than to restore its renowned system for bringing water from distant mountains to the city streets? pope paul's new water supply, the acqua paola, or paul's water as it was called, was soon rushing into the daylight from fountains all around the city. the finest of these fountains was designed by sculptor and architect, gian lorenzo bernini. it was built in the piazza navona which stood on foundations of an ancient stadium, a material expression of the idea of eternal rome. the city had survived 100 years of political and religious turmoil, of war and destruction. despite invasions of european monarchs who'd attempted to conquer the city on the pretext of defending it, it had preserved its independence. most important, the catholic church had survived the rise of protestantism and its challenge to rome's authority. it was an extraordinar
and ron paul. they have vastly different. i was wondering your thoughts on that too. >> first of all, this problem that the party of this is old white men our average age was about 15 years younger than at the democratic convention. [applause] i maybe exaggerating slightly but not by much. i get the feeling that republicans want to take us back, i look at the democratic national convention, it is jimmy carter, teddy kennedy. who is trying to bring you back here? as for the groups republicans don't do well with, i think -- well, we're doing well, with white women, with married women, single married. mitt romney did better with receiver single demographic than john mccain. more of them voted for mitt romney than voted for mccain. the only two groups that voted more for mccain than romney were asians and hispanics, the two largest immigrant groups this country has been taken in for the last 30 years. teddy kennedy specifically designed his immigration act of 1965 to change america temperature graphically without checking with the american people. it is impossible to immigrate here from
the crew and ask girard to present the award. i want to say about paul williams son and his crew kirkland. paul williams is one of the superintendents that gets the safety program. he's really hands on and he's always been there. he gets to the issues and fixes the issues. he anyway's that ail employees leave work safety like they came. >> all i can say is thank you very much for the award, you know. couldn't have define that without the help of jerry and especially the work of my crew. you have quite a few of the personalities and i'm very happy they came through for kirkland and my crew. i'll be displaying this where my crew can see that. >> a couple other quick things sometimes like paul are very excited about the new flier buses will be arriving by the end of the month. that was part of procurement. we were able to get 16 new buses. the first one we were able to get those quickly rather than doing this all on our own we piggy backed into another program. those buses will be assembled this week and the first bus will be here by the end of the month. and starting in may we'll start re
. these day it seems a though everyone has a budget. exception the federal government. there's the paul ryan budget. there's the patty murray senate democrat budget. now there's the congressional progressive budget. we'll talk to representative keith ellison who is the co-chair of the congressional progressive caucus very shortly. and also there is the president's budget which has zero chance of being passed. and the president seemed to signal his resignation to this budget quagmire. >> ultimately it may be the differences are just too wide. if their position is we can't do any revenue or we can only do revenue if we gut medicare or gut social security or gut medicaid, if that's the position then we're probably not gonna be able to get a deal joining us now top to does the budget battles on capitol hill we have congressman keith ellison of minnesota. thank you for joining us this evening. >> thank you. >> can you describe your budget and how that compares to some of the other budget proposals out there in congress. >> the budget is called "back to work budget." that says it all. it's about b
ought to be fired immediately. a sick joke that nobody ought to take seriously. paul ryan's budget is the same he put forth the last two years in a row. hasn't he learned anything? he would destroy medicare and medicaid, give the wealthy yet another tax break, put most of the burden on the poor and middle class and repeal obama care. this budget is going nowhere. it will be dead on arrival in the senate. it is pure fiscal mastur va tion. yet paul ryan gets credit for being a serious thinker. i will tell you this if paul ryan is a serious thinker i am an astronaut. take a look at the budget. doesn't add up. tomorrow, congressman keith ellison and peter welch, oh, boy. can't wait for that. come back and join us right here tomorrow. >> this is "the bill press show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: happy wednesday everybody. jacki schechner, you know i have so few things in my life. look how happy i am about my new coffee mug. >> what does it say? >> stephanie: it is green in time for st. patrick's day. >> ooh. does that mean there's no pinch ug? >> stephani
divisions in the republican party were easy to see today at cpac. senators rand paul and marco rubio mentioned as 2016 contenders put out different versions of visions for the gop's way forward. one say the party right now is a relic. the other says it has to stick to the basics. very different messages. let's watch them. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. i don't think we need to name any names. >> we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. the idea is called america. and it still works. >> what in the world does this first guy talk -- first, he's out there, rand paul, like he's elected for a couple months and comes out there and immediately slams, guess who? who's he trashing? >> take your pick, mitch mcconnell, mitt romney. >> john mccain. >> john mccain is who he's -- >> look at the division here. >> wait a minute. get to this point. let's let him have his point. here's the guy, new voice of the republican party, he and the guy from texas, ted cruz, trashing all the people that have been there before him. >> right. but he's out there saying, we need new ideas. w
activists, the sort of folks who supported rand paul these past few days in huge numbers. is this particularly reflective of what the republican primary electorate is going to look like in 2016? not quite. however, it does give you a bit of an early window, and there was some back and forth about whether the party does need some new ideas or as senator rubio said, the republican party isn't in need of new ideas. it's not necessarily in need of the fresh thinking that many say it is. >> let me ask you about some of the people. >> sure. >> who spoke, shane. because some were missing like governor chris christie, not asked to come but on the straw poll ballot. some asked not to be. governor -- former florida governor jeb bush. you had people like donald trump speaking to an almost empty room. how does this compare to prior cpacs? do the members and activists that usually come, are he they losing interest or doing something else to help their party? >> i thought the vibe at this cpac was different than what i felt in the past couple of years. there was generally speaking a pr
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